We champion world-positive entrepreneurs with smart money, world-class know-how and a global network.

We are on a mission to bridge the existing gap that makes it difficult for successful Nordic startups to raise the necessary growth capital and to access global networks.

We give purpose to our investments by scouting growing Nordic startups with teams between 10 and 30 people, with a proven product-market fit, and with a world-positive approach to business.

We equip our portfolio companies with the know-how they need to scale with confidence by crafting a tailor-made curriculum taught by top experts from world-class institutions like Stanford, Harvard and Desgnit.

We give our entrepreneurs access to a truly global network of resources and connections that includes Silicon Valley mentors, VC firms, executives at Fortune 500 companies and like-minded entrepreneurs.

We collaborate with Stanford University, Harvard Business School, Accel Partners, Katapult and Designit to equip entrepreneurs with what they need to scale.

Playbook 17 accelerates mission-driven, successful world-positive entrepreneurs and their companies, who apply technology to advance the world in any of the 17 UN’s SDGs. 

We have a simple investment thesis: world-positive, digitally-minded companies deliver superior financial returns and make a significant impact on the well-being for you and the people you care about. 

We attract companies who are laser-focused on solving one or several of the United Nations seventeen sustainability goals.

We look for technology that has the potential to create real and long-lasting positive impact alongside outperforming financial returns.

We seek companies led by voracious learners who will enthusiastically work with the trainers of world leaders in our expert team.

We partner with ambitious founders with international growth aspirations and a burning desire to make a positive global impact.

We nourish the journey from the Nordics to the world for startups who are ready to embark on it.

The people @ Playbook 17 are not your traditional venture partners. We walk the talk. We are here to enable. We champion your world-positive ambitions, whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor. 

Marcus Eikeland
Peter Fusdahl
Tore Gjedebo
Johann Koss
JC Velten

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We collaborate with world-class luminaries to deliver the know-how, network and connections that our portfolio companies need for growing solidly and opening opportunity doors anywhere.

Lynda Applegate

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Harvard Business School

Jeff Rayport

Digitalization & Marketing

Harvard Business School

Laura Delizonna

Effective & Happy Teams

Stanford University

Pedram Mokrian

Business Modeling & Development

Stanford University

Alexandra Pittman

Impact Design & Measurement


Mark Bunger

Deep Tech Digital Applications

Innovation Lab

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