Calling all rebels, innovators and change-makers who are making the world better… TODAY.
We accelerate mission-driven, successful, world-positive entrepreneurs who apply technology to advance the world.

We work with the some of the world’s most successful world-changing organizations.


We equip startups with the 3 ingredients they need to scale.


Money with purpose

We seek startups in the Nordics who have sustainability at their core, are founded by voracious learners, have a proven-product-market fit and a team of 10 to 40 employees, but lack the access for growth capital.


Ivy League Training

We equip Playbook 17 portfolio companies with the know-how they need to scale with confidence by creating a tailor-made curriculum, taught by top entrepreneurial teachers and trainers from Harvard, Stanford and UC Berkeley.


World at your finger tip

We give entrepreneurs and their teams access to a truly global network of resources that include Silicon Valley mentors, venture capital firms, executives at global Fortune 100 companies, and other entrepreneurs.

Sustainability companies significantly outperform their counterparts financially over the long term.
— As evidenced by research from The Harvard Business School & Morgan Stanley

We power no-compromise entreprenurship.


#world-positive & successful startups, count on our support to scale.


We champion Earth Mavericks.

We have been there.

We bring extensive experience in starting, nurturing and scaling startups, growing investments, and managing large organizations.


World-positive young companies with a proven product-market fit, propel their dreams with the support of Playbook 17 and its partners.


We can build bridges for world-changing startups.


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